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Applied research is given emphasis in the R & D division of MEI, which has more relevance to the company. The work of the R & D is MEI may be classified broadly into the following groups.

  1. Indigenous design & development of products utilizing the available technologies & making maximum utilization of available materials within the country.

  2. Design modifications of the products made under overseas as collaboration if customer’s needs and requirements both within & outside the country.

  3. Design modifications of products in keeping with the developments of newer materials within the country and also with a view to reduce costs.

  4. Peripheral work connected with products developed.

  5. Indigenous design & development of products utilizing the available technologies and making maximum utilization of available materials in the country.

Following are the products which have been designed within MEI and which are manufactured and marketed.

  1. Low voltage air break star delta starter Type MSDD/NT.

  2. Low voltage oil immersed slip ring motor starter Type OSR.

  3. Low voltage oil immersed star delta starter Type NSD.

  4. Low voltage oil immersed auto transformer starter Type ATS.

  5. Low voltage air break heavy duty amperage contactors Type MCA 9 & MCA 11.

  6. Liquid rheostat type starters / controllers Type MLS.

  7. Low voltage DC shorting switches of 17000 Amps Type MIO16.

  8. 3.3KV Air break contractor Type MHCA.

  9. 6.6KV / 11KV Outdoor kiosks.

  10. Flame proof starters / controllers.

  11. High current DC shorting switches for use in caustic soda plants.

The Following products have been taken up for development manufacture.

  1. 11KV, 20KA very compact RMU with draw out VCB’S successfully designed. The proto type shortly being customized with metering facility.

  2. 1.11KV, 20KA very compact RMU with load break switches for Ring units and VCB for TEE-OFF unit with metering facility.

  3. Automatic circuit reclosure for 11KV rural distribution network.

  4. Design and Development of 11KV, 31.5 KA Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

  5. Design and Development of 33KV, 750 MVA porcelain clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

  6. Successfully Retrofitted 11 KV VCB Panels, SF6 panels, MOCB panels of various makes like ABB, SIEMENS,CGI,BHEL,ALSTOM, KIRLOSKAR,VOLTAS,STROMERG,ECE other than MEI make MOCB and BOCB.

R & D in MEI is keeping abreast with the latest technological developments both within the country and abroad. Its staff is actively participating in National seminars, Lectures, etc., and they have attended a number of conferences and symposiums. They have presented papers and have activity participated in the deliberations. MEI was a member of E R A and is also a member of the Indian Standards Institution. The R & D Unit has a separate Library and contributes to a number of journals and periodicals both from within the country and overseas. It is also enlisting the assistance of the Indian Institute of Science, CPRI., etc., for the design and testing of the products.

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